Ushta Health

Promoting Community Health

What we are about

Ushta Heath Clinic is a Natural Health Clinic that is committed to promoting health and well-being in the community. The clinic serves as an Integrative Primary Health Care clinic and offers a range of services to support individuals and groups to achieve better health through education and participation.
Our clinic focuses on a Functional Assessment & Diagnosis of patients’ health concerns. We utilize different methods such as Diet & Lifestyle Counseling, Mind/Body Principles, as well as a range of natural therapies and therapeutics including Naturopathic Medicine, Eastern & Western Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Counselling, and Skin Care to achieve treatment and promote wellbeing. 

We believe in approaching a healthy body and lifestyle with an “inside-out” perspective: pairing natural therapies and emotional well-being with a stellar holistic approach to health and beauty.

We are keen to assist individuals and groups in understanding the underlying causes of health problems, and to promote health and well-being through education and participation, as well as promoting Preventative Practices. 

Our clinic provides full laboratory services including unique blood, urine, stool, and salivary tests in assessing various chronic and acute conditions. 

Guidance From Practitioners

We are here to help

Our practitioners are trained and licensed Primary Health Care Providers who have special interests which include working with individuals who have hormonal health concerns, Digestive Health concerns, Chronic Diseases, Chronic Pain & Inflammation, Endocrine Diseases, Allergies, and Stress-Related disorders, and much more.

Guidance From Practitioners
The Name "USHTA"

Ushta is a Zoroastrian conceptual word where body, mind, and spirit are in a state of wellness and health. Ushta is the goal of life and it is also the state of serenity and true happiness. The other meaning of Ushta is enlightenment. The name Ushta is intended to capture our philosophy of health and well-being. Our philosophy is that health can be achieved through education and awareness of mind, body, and Spirit.  A Healthy mind and sprit blong to a health. Therefore, Ushta Integrative Health Clinic's goal is to emphasize and facilitate the healing process of each individual who chooses the practitioners of this clinic as their health care provider.